Template and Checklist Bundle

I offer a toolkit of downloadable checklists and templates, to make your life a whole lot easier!

These downloadable checklists, tools and resources will guide you though the steps you need to have a circular, climate positive and socially responsible event.

  • Sustainability Plan Template
  • Sustainability policy templates
  • Event Sustainability Issues Identification Checklist
  • All-in checklists – Conferences, Exhibitions, Outdoor Festivals, Outdoor Sports, Adventure Sports
  • Venue Checklist
  • Catering Checklist
  • Supplier Assessment Questions
  • Socially Responsible Events Action List
  • List of SDGs in simple format
  • SDG Matrix
  • Top management commitment checklist
  • Stakeholder Identification and Issues Tool
  • Materiality Assessment decision tool
  • Destination/Client/Venue Sustainability Issues Checklist
  • Sustainable Destinations Checklist
  • Identifying Event GHGs worksheet
  • Event GHG Scope Inclusions worksheet
  • GHG Boundary worksheet
  • Event waste checklists (three types)
  • Resource Recovery Matrix
  • Cleaning/Waste Contract Inclusions