ISO 20121 Templates

Documentation is a major part of implementing a management system. This is one of the main tools to ensure that awareness exists amongst your team and stakeholders and also that an ‘instruction manual’ is written to direct your team on how to approach sustainable event management.

To help you navigate your way through the documentation requirements in the standard, we have created a summary of what documentation you need, plus get you started with loads of template examples:

  • 4.1: Example text explaining ‘context’
  • 4.2 ‘Interested parties procedure’, Contact register, Stakeholder identification and engagement matrix
  • 4.3: Example ‘scope’
  • 5.2: Three ‘policy’ templates
  • 5.3: Example roles and responsibilities table, competency clause
  • 6.1 Issues identification and engagement procedure
  • 6.1.3 Legal and other requirements procedure
  • 8.3 Supply chain management process
  • 10 Improvement and corrective action procedure
  • Non-conformity template