Book Resources

Below are resources mentioned in the book.

Reusable Food Serviceware Resources

Green Gathering Crock ‘n’ Rock reusable food serviceware system how-to guide. Original here.

Reusable Cup Guides and Studies

Reusable cup guide – Manchester City Council. Original here.

It Doesn’t Stack Up – Hope Solutions & ZAP Concepts comparison study. Original here.

Best Cup for your Indoor Venue – Hope Solutions. Original here.

Dutch Reusable Cup LCA – Plastic Promise. Original here.

Compostable vs Reusable Cups – Öko-Institute. V. (2011). Original here.

Global Hygiene Standards Reusables – The Ocean Race. Original here.

Research and Reports

Extreme Weather Disrupt Events, Canada – Eventcellany 2024. Original here.

Sports and Urban Biodiversity – IUCN 2020. Original here.