I consider this book, now into its third edition, to be a must-read for students of events and a necessary addition to every event scholar’s bookshelf. Sustainability is more than just green operations, and Meegan Jones makes it clear that it involves multiple stakeholders, a comprehensive vision, and detailed planning and evaluation systems. You need a guide to continuous improvement, and this book provides the tools.

Donald Getz, Professor Emeritus, the University of Calgary, Canada

This updated second edition of the book addresses a gap in the academic literature on
sustainable event management and is an inspiring source for events practitioners and
students. The events industry, by nature, involves large numbers of participants; therefore, it
is imperative that event organisers develop the mindset, knowledge and competencies to
deliver events sustainably. Meegan Jones not only recognises the need for the event
industry professionals to urgently “change the production and purchasing habits”, but
also goes a step further to provide comprehensive guidelines, examples, checklists and
measures to help the industry in its efforts to achieve sustainable legacies. The book argues
that events have the power to show sustainability in action and “every suitably produced
event has the potential to inspire and motivate others to action”. Written in an
engaging, accessible style, and with a delicate sense of humour, this book successfully
operationalises sustainability concepts and shows how commitment to sustainability can add
value to all stakeholders involved in the events industry.

Dr S. Stoyanova-Bozhkova, Faculty of Management, Bournemouth University

Anyone seeking a mentor to help understand the impact of events and how they can be made better through sustainable approaches will benefit from this book. It translates complex sustainability issues into easy-to-understand language for event professionals. It gives honest perspective on what to focus on to help you make realistic action plans and day-to-day decisions, even when resources might be limited. And the generous peppering of interesting international case studies, sprinkled with a bit of humour, gives life to learning!

Shawna McKinley, ex-Director of Sustainability, MeetGreen®, USA