Sustainable Event Management: A practical guide offers discussion and thought-provoking insight into the areas of environmental and social responsibility in event management and production. It takes you and your event on a journey towards sustainably produced events with tips, production logistics, projects to undertake and practical solutions to common challenges.

You will benefit from first-hand experience of those who have put sustainable event management into action with real-life examples from event organisers who have tackled challenges and successfully reduced the impacts of their events and harnessed positive outcomes.

This book may shed light on areas previously left unconsidered, and arm you if not with all the answers, at least with a lot of the questions.

To achieve event sustainability success you don’t need to be an expert in every aspect of the very broad and very deep subject that is ‘sustainability’. Specialists exist to become part of your toolbox of solutions. Use them.

Scientists, environmental experts, activists and specialists in every field of sustainability, greening, environment, ecology, biodiversity and climate change have published volumes of books, papers, reports and documents on these subjects. There are thousands of websites, action groups, causes and campaigns online. This book doesn’t attempt to re-create or duplicate this work or to teach environmental science. It is written however, assuming the reader has some understanding of event management and a passionate interest in sustainability.

Who Should Read This Book?

This book is aimed at individuals, committees and teams, agencies, PCOs, promoters, owners, contractors, suppliers and venue management. If you are involved in producing any type of event, of any scale or location, this book is for you.

Those who are studying event management, are on internships or who plan to be sustainability change-agents in the event industry, are prime candidates to read this book too. At the end of each chapter are questions and discussions which are perfect for classroom discussion and exercises.