ISO 20121

Best practice has moved away from ad-hoc issues management towards a systems approach. This new approach offers a strategic way to manage sustainability and embed continual improvement. It ensures the inclusion of strategies, policies, processes, systems and actions that intertwine to support and manage event sustainability issues more efficiently, effectively and professionally.

ISO 20121: Events Sustainability Management Systems is a document developed by participating ‘standards bodies’ from various countries around the world. The purpose of the standard is to provide a framework to implement a system to manage an event’s sustainable development issues.

Rather than being a checklist, ISO 20121 requires a systematic approach to addressing sustainable development issues in relation to event planning. It can be applied to an event organiser, a single event or a venue.

Successful implementation of an event sustainability management system will ensure continual performance improvement and systematic management of issues rather than an ad-hoc approach. It facilitates improved sustainability performance. Documentation of processes and disclosure of performance is key.

Can I become certified?

Yes. Your organisation can be audited for conformity with the standard. Conformity with the standard is through ensuring your systems are in place.

GreenShoot Pacific is a certified auditor of SEMS (Sustainable Event Management Systems) and we also offer independent conformity assessment for international standard ISO 20121: Event Sustainability Management Systems.

We can perform 2nd Party Conformity Assessment with ISO 20121 for our clients and their events, or 3rd Party Conformity Assessment for events where we are not consulting to them, in partnership with our aligned Certifying Body.

We use the SEMS Tool for auditing the management system. This tool allows implementation of a management system and also guides events towards improved sustainability performance, with in-built measurement calculators.