The City of Boulder, Colorado’s Local Environmental Action Division (LEAD) has developed the Zero Waste Incentive to assist event organisers source compostable and recyclable containers, collection services or educational materials that facilitate Zero Waste.

This is an example of a municipality not just telling event organisers what they must do, but taking an active role in enabling them to do it – both through financial incentives and through offering guidance, services and doing some of the groundwork research.

Event organisers can claim a maximum US$250 rebate for expenses relating to supplying compostable and/or recyclable serviceware, waste collection services for same, and educational materials and services.[i]

In addition, the city supplies the event with small three-bin container system (compost, recyclables, landfill). This is designed to go above and beyond the regular waste disposal services of the city.

Event approval requires the event organisers to ensure vendors remove from the event site any items that are both non-compostable and non-recyclable, and provide only recyclable or compostable serviceware (examples of local sources are provided by the city on their website).

LEAD states its mission is to engage and assist the community to reduce waste and energy use through education, services and economic assistance.