Many events, especially mega-events like the Olympic Games, take over venues and need to re-brand these venues. Often this is called ‘overlay’ when it comes to signage and branding. They need to be wrapped, signed, and rebranded often with huge vinyl stickers.

At the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, approximately 200 000 square feet of vinyl graphics were used on Olympic buildings such as the Richmond Olympic Oval and the Pacific Coliseum, outdoor venue grandstands, 4 600 vehicles, 500 buses, and eight resurfacing machines.

3M Canada was the official supplier of building and vehicle vinyl wraps for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and they were charged with the task, by organisers of ensuring all vinyl materials they supplied, would be re-used. With assistance from the Vinyl Council of Canada, they partnered with Mannington Commercial, a vinyl flooring company with a long track record of vinyl recycling projects.

This great industry collaboration, resulted in all of 3M’s vinyl graphic material from the 2010 Olympics being diverted from landfill and remanufactured into Mannington high recycled content flooring.