Since 2003, Global Inheritance and Coachella have been working together to make a sustainable and environmentally friendly festival for all to enjoy. Creative campaigns have led to improved recycling, reducing the festival’s impacts and educating the public on recycling through interactive means.

In the past seven years, Coachella has seen thousands of festival attendees prowling the grounds in search of discarded plastic bottles and empty cans. In order to encourage not only the recycling of plastic waste but also a healthy level of hydration (an important concept for a music festival 50 miles into the California deserts), Global Inheritance allows attendees to trade in 10 recyclable water bottles for one fresh bottle of water. People get excited about the prospect of turning their trash into items of value; Global Inheritance and Coachella work together to make the festival more sustainable and to keep the site clean.

Global Inheritance has breathed life into waste collection at festivals by introducing the TRASHed Recycling Store, a one-stop recycling incentive shop. Starting in 2004 at Warp Tour, Global Inheritance has implemented the TRASHed Recycling Store as an interactive recycling centre powered by motivated people who recycle their empty plastic bottles, cups and even compostable items in exchange for cool free merchandise. The more recyclable items attendees bring to the TRASHed Recycling Store, the better the prizes become, ranging from autographed festival merchandise to backpacks and headphones to festival tickets. By offering an enjoyable and rewarding experience, the simplicity of recycling and how to play a part in solving the problem of excess waste is easily learned. As a bonus, event grounds are picked clean of empties.

Global Inheritance has brought this incentivised recycling programme to festivals including Coachella, Outside Lands, X-Games, Sasquatch, Virgin Festival, Warp Tour, and many more.

In addition to the recycling store, Global Inheritance developed TRASHed :: Art of Recycling campaign. Launched at Coachella in 2003, TRASHed brings artistic expression into the greater picture of recycling, recruiting hundreds of artists to redesign recycling bins that are integrated at major festivals/events. These bins become eye-catching art pieces as well as safe homes for rogue bottles and cans. They not only provide a creative canvas to re-imagine the common icon of a standard recycling bin, but also make it a bit easier for attendees to differentiate between waste and recycling.

Another initiative for recycling and brainchild of Global Inheritance and Coachella would be Recyclosaurus Rex, a 25-foot tall/40-foot long robotic dinosaur that eats recyclable bottles and cans and compacts them into small cubes. Recyclosaurus Rex is not only an environmentally conscious and resourceful aid to the recycling process but has been a large attraction and visual icon for many festival goers in the past 2 years.

Global Inheritance has worked with Coachella to merge such unconventional and original concepts into fruitful and exciting recycling programmes, successfully saving millions of bottles from landfills over the past several years.

Coachella 2013 - TRASHed:: Recycling Store/