Circular Economy

The concepts of zero-waste and resource recovery tie in tightly with the idea of a Circular Economy

By taking a zero-waste approach, you are viewing waste as a resource to feed a circular economy. 

The traditional linear system

The circular system

circular economy recognises that each material, function, process, product, and user has a part to play in keeping resources from being discarded and lost, being part of an ongoing, interacting and cycling system.

What does this mean for an event?

For an event to contribute to a truly circular economy, you will need to consider the materials flow of everything that is going into the event, and what residual materials are flowing out of the event. 

Identifying the end-of-life for every major materials group will ensure that valuable resources feed the circular economy.

Designing out waste and pollution   =   Materials that are recyclable will be recycled 

Products and materials kept in use  =  Plan for salvage and re-use

Regeneration of natural systems  =  Biological materials cycle back to become nutrients

Still want more? Take a look at the terrific work on Circular Economy by Ellen MacArthur Foundation.