Workshop 3 – What is your why?

You have defined the principles and values that you stand by, and identified the important and relevant sustainability issues that make sense given your event context. In this workshop you will refer back to your guiding principles and values, the touch points, key issues and topics, and imagine how you can use the event and its sustainability context as a platform for good. 

Workshop Objective:

This workshop will help you to truly uncover (or decide on) how you can use your event platform for good.

Workshop Outcomes:

  • Deciding truly what is your why!
  • Finding your heart project!
  • Expanding your bold vision. 

Remember this is not an add-on CSR or charity side-project. This could be the very heartbeat of your organisation and event. It boils down to your ‘why’.

What is your why?  

Bring to life all that you, your stakeholders, event participants and community care about.  

What makes your collective hearts sing?  
What good can you do in the world?

Get prepared for the workshop:

Slides and handouts:

  • Post-its or other visual summary of your strategic framework, plus the agreed principles and values of the event or organisation.
  • Post-its or other visual summary of the global and local sustainability issues identified in Workshop Session 2.
  • Have a reminder of your functional areas (worksheet, projection slide).
  • Examples of anything you have done before or currently do to support programmes and initiatives.

Workshop tools:

  • Provide Post It notes to your participants, (or use the virtual option Mural).
  • You may also wish to have large sheets of paper or notepads.
  • Coloured markers and highlighters will be useful.
  • A projector and wall to project onto.
  • Other useful tools include tape, Blu Tack, flipboard and easel, a large vertical or horizontal surface to work with, whiteboards.
  • Have any videos cued and ready to show.

Workshop Process:

Step 1 – Introduction

  1. Refer back to previous workshop’s outcomes, remind all and discuss the key sustainability topics revealed as important to the world, for the event and to stakeholders.
  2. Display a visual representation of your sustainability framework.
  3. Review your Bold Vision.
  4. Display a visual representation of your functional areas.

Step 2: What whys?

  1. Ask all participants to write on 5 post-it notes each, the campaigns, initiatives, causes etc, that they have think could be something good for the event to get behind.

    This can be based on the work done so far in previous workshops, the summaries about the event, bold vision and other details shown, or simply something they think resonates with them, your audience and the event context.

    Review ‘Finding your Purpose’ lesson for more inspiration.
  2. Bring all the post-it notes together on a big table or the wall and cluster any duplicates.

Step 3: Map to your event

  1. Go through a matching process to map/stick the ideas to the sustainability framework, bold vision or event’s functional areas.
  2. Take a step back….
  3. Discuss and review.
  4. Go through a voting or prioritisation process to bring it down to a short list.

Step 4: Touch points and journey mapping

Now with the short list of ideas in mind, do an impact diagnostic on your event.

  1. Discuss and define where throughout the event attendee’s journey and the event lifecycle, are the maximum impact and amplification opportunities for any type of message.
  2. Review these opportunities in light of your short list of ideas. 
  3. Use a voting and prioritisation process to decide on the ideas that make most sense considering the impact you could have and the opportunities for engagement and amplification.
  4. The results of this process will give you a focus to explore deeper alignments and embedding of this greater purpose as part of your event.