Vision, Mission, Values

Establish these three critical elements of the sustainability strategy – your vision, mission and values.

Yes that might sound like a whole lot of waffly organisational homework destined to be forgotten in a difficult-to -find folder in your computer…. But wait! It can be a good thing.

Defining your strategic intent means thinking hard about what good you want to do in the world, why you even exist, and what guiding principles and values you might stand behind and for. 

Three critical elements to building a sustainability strategy


Set your intention

Envision where you want to get. What do you wish to achieve? A picture of the future world you want to help create. Imagine if…..
This must include 100% commitment and buy-in from the top without this your whole strategy will unravel.


How you plan to deliver your vision

What is the purpose of the event (and also the purpose beyond just existing?) Apart from the event’s content why do you really exist and how can that be re-defined with a sustainable development lens?


What core values underscore your approach? 

What do you stand for and stand by? What governs your decisions? Where is your moral compass? 

Your Tasks:

Conduct workshops with your top management and critical team members to imagine ‘what if’. 

  1. Workshop: Principles, values and vision.
    What is your vision, the mission you stand by and the values you holds deeply?
  2. WorkshopWhat is your why?
    What could be, or is, the real purpose of your event or organisation?