Commitment & Inspiration

Start at the top. You need the event owner or top management’s enthusiastic interest and commitment to bring sustainability into the event. 

Without this, it will be a struggle. Make it your first priority. The organisation or event’s top management must understand and get behind the importance of embedding sustainability into event planning and delivery. 

If top management are not interested, no resources are being provided and no one else in the team is interested, you have an interesting challenge ahead! You may need to lead by example, forge ahead under the efforts of your own passion and show everyone what can be done and work towards the ‘contagious’ approach. If you build it they will come! You will need to go on a deliberate behaviour and attitude change campaign within the organisation, before you can embed sustainability and have it working without you continually driving it. Circle around this stop on the road until you feel you have gained enough interest to get going. Look into behaviour change science. There are plenty of courses around that can help you work out how to change organisational culture.Once you have the boss on board, resources supplied and the rest of the team engaged, you’re ready to rock n roll!

What does top management commitment look like?

  • Leaders set down a directive to commit to sustainable development principles.
  • They actively working with their team to devise strategies and plans.
  • They place sustainability objectives equal with financial and creative decisions, and create a balance between these.
  • They create, endorse and uphold sustainability policies.
  • They ensure that  enough time to plan and research options has been allocated.
  • The provide resources, including budget, equipment or infrastructure, training and support.
  • They creates a sustainability manager/co-ordinator role or designate sustainability leaders in teams, and ensure development the team’s sustainability skills.
  • They are prepared to invest a little more to be an innovator and sustainability leader.
  • They align the event only with sponsors that have a demonstrated commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development principles.
  • They request feedback, results and reports from the team on sustainability performance.
  • They work with event management to define targets and priorities ensuring continued momentum towards meeting defined sustainability goals.

Top management commitment checklist

Use the Top Management Checklist to assess and confirm your current status of commitment by top management.

Your Tasks:

  1. Hold a workshop with top management to explore the concepts of responsible event and company management, what the SDGs mean to your organisation or event, and good governance. Refer to the sustainability principles and SDGs to help guide this workshop.
  2. Work out what you stand for! Define a mission that is ‘outside of yourself’. Something that the organisation or event can stand with, support and advocate for.
  3. Write a commitment statement, charter or include similar in the Sustainability Policy or other company documents – These should be available for the employees, as well as communicated publicly.
  4. Complete the Top Management Commitment Checklist to see where you’re at!