Regenerative & Restorative

We are now moving past just enduring… we need to take direct action to restore – our climate, our ocean, our ecosystems.

We are at a point now of not simply ‘sustaining’ ourselves, our environment, our systems, but need to actively rebuild, regenerate and restore.

In our human story, we have sadly reached the tipping point where we are living out of balance with the earth’s ability to sustain us. We are not simply extracting resources at a rate which can’t be sustained, we are doing immense damage in the process.

We have eaten into our capital, so to say. Our earth is out of balance, its natural systems are being disrupted, and it can’t sustain abundance and health because of the demands and strains humanity, our growing population and relentless march towards ‘development’.

The Festival Woods is wild forest regeneration initiative from A Greener Festival.

The Festival Woods is an opportunity for the the live industry, artists and fans to give something back to the great outdoors that we love to enjoy, to improve biodiversity, reduce risk of floods, and boost a “carbon sink” by generating forests.

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We need to move beyond simply ‘doing the best we can’, and doing the minimum possible to meet any regulations that govern our actions. We must now take a restorative approach – taking an active role in designing-in regeneration and restoring and correcting the damage we have done. 

Earth Frequency Festival is held in partnership with the Queensland Trust for Nature, an environmental charity who work to protect threatened species in the local area of the festival.

The work includes a funded study of local koala populations in the vicinity of the venue, contributing to their tree planting and habitat restoration efforts through our carbon offset eco funds, and incorporating a donation option in to their ticketing system.

Contributions via the ticketing system and contributions directly from the festival raised approximately $14,000 in total.

The good news is that we know what to do. 

The technologies, systems, ideas, creativity exists. We just need the will to do it, at an individual, business and governmental level.

We have already caused so much damage, we need to not just sustain, but take action to repair, restore and regenerate.

Consider how your organisation can go further and take direct action in rehabilitation, regeneration or restoration of the natural environment that is close by your operations.

This can also be achieved through social programmes in playing a role to build strong community connections.

What positive legacy can you leave?