Social Responsibility and Events

It comes down to you!

It comes down to each and every one of us within an organisation, an event, a team, a community, a family, to act with care for the whole.

Individual social responsibility is where it’s at.

Organisational social responsibility policies, agendas and codes of conduct won’t mean much if the individuals in the organisation don’t hold the values contained within the policies close to their hearts. 

Company leadership must set the tone but values must be socialised and embraced throughout the organisation’s culture.

If individuals don’t have similar values, don’t understand the concepts or don’t understand what the organisation is trying to achieve or why, the whole thing may collapse. 

Delivering a sustainability vision into action is the responsibility of each individual, both professionally and personally. 

ISO 26000 Social Responsibility
This international standard provides guidance to those who recognise that respect for society and environment is a critical success factor.

Aren’t we already ‘doing’ it?

CSR is about how organisations make money not about how they spend it.

Some think that social responsibility is about the charitable donations or good deeds, which are often unrelated to core business practices. Wrong… Being a responsible corporate citizen is about the way you operate your business, and less about your charitable work.

Inclusion in programming

Alongside the organisation itself being socially responsible, many can also offer themselves as a platform for key messages. 

Music events are inspirational in their ability to integrate social responsibility into their programming. Together they intwine key topics, shared themes and impact goals into the event programme.

Check out Roskilde Festival’s Acts with Impact

Social good

Sports is the great equaliser and using sport to create social benefit is in the DNA of so many leagues and team. NBA Cares is a great example.