Policy Template

The following may be useful in guiding the structure of your policy.

1. Document ID and Doc control numbers, formatting etc.

2. Purpose

Describes the purpose of the policy

(You could also include Aims of the Policy) 

3. Scope 

Shows the range of events, locations, timing (if relevant), ownership or authority of the events, and the range of topics in summary that it covers (to include exclusions dealt with elsewhere).

4. Responsibility & Authority

Xxx is responsible for ensuring this Sustainability Policy is communicated, understood and implemented by xxx and xxx. 

Adherence to the commitments made in this Sustainability Policy are the responsibility of xxxx

5. Reference

ISO 20121:2012 – clauses # 5.2 Policy, and 4.5 Sustainable development principles, statement of purpose and values.

XXX other references

6. Definitions/Abbreviations (if necessary)

7. Policy Statement

Quick overview of the event and/or company.

Short commitment statement, and big picture commitments, and acknowledgement of SD principles, purposes and values of the organisation.

Personal statement by top management/leadership/the boss. Signed and dated.

8. Content

Followed by thematic commitments which line up with the strategy framework, themes and topics.

The policy should have an overview on the key issues areas and significant sustainable development issues as they relate to the supply chain, event management cycle, engagement with stakeholders, and legacy outcomes. 

Include also:

  • A framework for objective/target setting
  • Compliance with targets
  • Auditing
  • Monitoring and review

Document control:

Printed copy is uncontrolled.  Always refer to the electronic copy as the latest version.