Coffee Cups

So how about all those coffee cups? What do do about those?

Whether provided onsite or brought to your event in the hands of arriving patrons, coffee cups can be a mixed bags of problems!

With the upswing in attention on single use plastics, it can’t have escaped your notice that coffee cups are a hidden plastic culprit – the majority of mainstream cups are lined with plastic and have, of course, plastic lids, often made from compressed polystyrene.

Ultimately they are rendered un-recyclable due to the diffiulty in processing and lack of facilities.

Choosing the right coffee cup to be used by your onsite vendors is one step.

The next is to predict the impact of cups of all varieties walking onto your site in the hands of patrons.

  • Go for a reusables system!
  • Go for cups that are not lined with plastic, unless you know for sure, there are facilities that take these types of cups.
  • Bring in a coffee cup collection service such as Simply Cups.


  • UK throws away 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups every year
  • Less than 1 per cent of coffee cups are recycled
  • Half a million cups are littered every day
  • Packaging producers only pay for 10 per cent of the cost of packaging disposal and recycling