If there’s one thing that links all music festivals, from the biggest of marquee international events to the trendiest of local boutique gatherings, it’s the toilets.

While some are better than others, chances are you’d prefer a clean porcelain escape with all the facilities to do your business any day of the week over the sawdust-ridden drop toilets or grimy portaloos festivals offer.

But that’s just simply not the case and even the most seasoned of attendees will tell you that some of the worst music festival nightmares are less to do with losing tent pegs or your mates in the crowd than submitting yourself to a nasty excrement-stained plastic prison when nature calls.

There’s a solution to this common potty problem however, which should help reduce the chances of you ending up in the music festival equivalent of that horrific cubicle from Trainspotting.

The secret weapon? Mathematics.

Introducing the good and brainy people who run YouTube channel Numberphile, who regularly use the power of arithmetic to tackle everyday problems in inventive ways (eg. calculating Pi with real pies, or the most scientific way to share cake). They’ve now turned their attention to figuring out how to get the best (re: the least scummy) toilet at a music festival, as Consequence Of Sound reports.

There’s two key factors at play in her maths experiment. Specifically, a) the best toilet is defined as the cleanest (stocked with paper, sanitizer, and fewer smelly oddities) and b) if you pass on a toilet in the hope of something better, you can’t go back to it because of all those bladder-bursting punters behind you.

Still confused? We don’t blame you, but watch the full video HERE (and the extended cut with all the head-grinding maths) for a better understanding that might just give you the edge next time you’re queued up in the heat during the summer music festival season. That or get to Splendour In The Grass’s Byron Bay site early and scope out all the loos first, yeah?


This post was produced from this story : http://www.tonedeaf.com.au/410255/the-secret-to-finding-the-best-toilet-at-a-music-festival.htm