These days, many planners ask venues to provide a recycling program for their event. But what happens to your event waste when it leaves the building?

Every year, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) finds out by integrating an offsite waste management tour into their pre-event General Assembly site visit. Why do they do it? What do they learn and how can you plan your own?

What is an offsite waste management tour?

This activity takes event planning team members to visit the facilities that receive left-over event materials. It takes 2-3 hours and typically includes a stop at a recycling plant (or perhaps more than one), and a composting facility. UUA’s tour takes place eight months before their event and includes UUA staff, MeetGreen, venue, catering and convention and visitor bureau employees, and interested UUA event committee members.

Watch this video to learn more about Rhode Island recovery facility - where UUA's event materials will be recycled.

what happens to waste

Marcel Lussier of the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Center explains to the UUA General Assembly event team what is happening on the floor of the recycling plant

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