THE ELECTRIC HOTEL provides a practical charging service for mobile phones while simultaneously showing customers in various entertaining ways what electricity is all about.

A recycled 1960 American Airstream trailer has been equipped with wind turbines, solar panels, a battery bank, lots of custom-build electronics, 400 charging bays, a hotel reception in Art-Deco-Style and very friendly staff. Most of the used components (except the staff and the hi-tech energy technology, but including the former-neon-now-LED-driven letters on the roof).

Visitors can come to the reception with their discharged devices. Here, they need to fill in a check-in form, leaving their contact information. This is being transferred into software running on three check-in computers. Then, the right adapter for the device is being selected - clients do not need to bring their own, the reception has adapters for 95% of models in the market. The phone is being put into one of the 400 charging slots, which it has been assigned to by the software. The client gets a recollection coupon, and can walk away with the feeling that his device is being well catered for. And recollect a fully charged phone two hours later.

The trailer is accompanied by several electricity-generating modules for personal use:

  • the worlds first, one and only mobile water storage power plant, six meters high and containing 1.000 litres of water, which includes two firefighter-pumps dating from 1889 and 1902
  • a Generator-Bike, where one person has to peddle the power for up to 20 power-drawing phone chargers
  • a power table with normal 230/110 Volts outlets, for visitors to plug-in their own adapters. Other equipment can be charged as well, including electric wheelchairs, which so far have no infrastructure on festivals. Try pushing a 300kg wheelchair through mud and grass.
  • diverse other small crank-driven muscle-powered mechanisms

On top of charging phones THE ELECTRIC HOTEL features screens that provide facts and information about the energy that is generated, displays artwork and videos from (street)artists, filmmakers and designers, and invites musicians and DJ’s to perform on the rooftop of the trailer, drawing the electricity needed by their instruments from the stored regenerative energy.

THE ELECTRIC HOTEL came into being in 2011. Since then, we have visited over 30 festivals in Germany, including MELT! and the WACKEN OPEN AIR. In 2013, we are currently negotiating our first trip to the UK.

THE ELECTRIC HOTEL is an open format, inviting others to join with their ideas. It is constantly growing in size and content.
We are networking with the GO-Group, the Green Music Initiative and various other groups concerned about festivals, sustainability and utopian ideas.
We have been given quite some awards, one of which is the Design Award in Gold in Communication Design of the Federal Republic of Germany (what a name).

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