One example that I'd love to see get support is the Sawyers Savers Water Filtration programme.

They are seeking to work directly with event planners to leverage good PR for very real and immediate outcomes for people in nations that suffer from a lack of access to clean drinking water. Here’s how it works. Prior to your event, the Sawyer Savers teams distribute clean water systems to families in need, made possible by a monetary donation from your event. The clean water teams distribute the filters to families and conduct training on sanitation practices and filter maintenance. The team will take a photo of the families with their new filters, which will be made available to the donating event in time to include the image in slide shows or promotions at the event.

Your organisation will be added to an online map that outlines organisations that have made donations and connects them on the map to the locations and people that their donation has helped. For example $800 is enough to provide filters for ten families in Haiti or Tanzania Africa.