At Roskilde Festival in Denmark, they have the benefit of the Danish refillable bottle deposit scheme. As a result they run a highly successful recycling programme where the majority of bottles and cans are returned and refunds given out.

However, as attendees travel from across Europe to the event, and can bring any food and drinks they want into the campsites, the festival ends up with many bottles and cans onsite that were sourced from outside of the Danish refund scheme.

Roskilde honours a refund for any bottle or can, whether it was part of the original countrywide deposit system or not. They fund these extra refunds, but also ensure that the cans, plastic and glass bottles are kept separate and then sell them to recyclers to help recoup some of the costs.

All drinks sold inside the arena come in cups and a one Danish Krone deposit charged, which is refunded when the cups are returned