Reviews – 3rd Edition

Every event is unique and organizers should analyze how it most effectively can contribute to global sustainable transition. This book is a practical tool for that work, both for new event managers and experienced ones, taking their first steps towards sustainability. Even experienced sustainability managers will find plenty of inspiration in the updated best practices from around the world. — Mikkel Sander, Sustainability Manager, Roskilde Festival, Denmark

I consider this book, now into its third edition, to be a must-read for students of events and a necessary addition to every event scholar’s bookshelf. Sustainability is more than just green operations, and Meegan Jones makes it clear that it involves multiple stakeholders, a comprehensive vision, and detailed planning and evaluation systems. You need a guide to continuous improvement, and this book provides the tools. — Donald Getz, Professor Emeritus, the University of Calgary, Canada

Events thrive on the spirit of joy and fun. Sustainable Event Management shows that this does not need to be at the expense of social and environmental responsibility. The opposite is true. With lots of practical tools, Meegan Jones illustrates how events need to be managed to create a lasting, positive impression for all stakeholders. This publication is the reference book for my students and a rich source of inspiration and guidance for every event manager. — Rolf Schwery, Event Consultant and Lecturer at the Center for Development and Environment (CDE), University of Berne, Switzerland

This third edition takes all sustainable event enthusiasts on a journey through the ins and outs of sustainable event management. This nicely readable book goes deeper into existing theories but is also a must have for newbies! — Martijn Hulshof, Owner of MovendiuM, (Sustainable) Traffic Management for Events

In our daily practice of Green Events Netherlands, where we share our knowledge and help festival organisers make their events more sustainable, we are confident that we can always rely on the huge amount of high quality information, background and practical ideas in Meegan Jones’ book. — Paul Schurink, Owner of ZAP Concepts and co-founder of Green Events Nederland

Sustainability continues to be a vital issue for event managers, and this book provides an excellent resource for anyone interested in this area. Well written and easy to read, Sustainable Event Management provides great examples of events that are exceeding expectations and demonstrating best practice in sustainability management, information that will be valuable for practitioners and academics alike. — Judith Mair, The University of Queensland, Australia

Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide is exactly that – a practical guide founded in Meegan Jones’ vast experience with, and academic research on sustainable event management. This book provides an accessible and comprehensive account of how event organisers can innovate for a more sustainable future and is an invaluable resource for event management students. — Millicent Kennelly, Griffith University, Australia

Sustainable Event Management is an internationally relevant resource for anyone involved in events. Meegan Jones thoughtfully and thoroughly explains why it is important that we consider sustainability in event management, and critically, she tells you how to do it.  The book includes relevant examples, informative international resources, and specific details to help you along the way. I highly recommend this book as a must-read for anyone involved in delivering or supplying events. — Jill Savery, Bristlecone Strategies, International Sustainability Consultant, USA

Events bring people together to create and collaborate and that is the way to create a world that works for everyone. As an increasing number of business’ and governments begin to understand this there will be an increased focus on the sustainability of an event and this book provides practical insight and inspiration useful for any event manager. — Fiona Pelham, Positive Impact, UK

Sustainable Event Management pulls together the leaders of this sometimes disparate field from around the world into one inspirational book. I have used this book as a reference and guide for my own work since the first edition came out. In every student interview I do about our sustainability work, it is the first and only reference material I recommend to them. Despite the demand from festival stakeholders for festivals and events to be sustainable, it is hard to find useful reference material, this book fills that void. — Laura Sohn, Director of Bonnaroo Sustainability