The Shire of Dowerin in Western Australia has invested in their own event recycling trailer, along with the Dowerin Recycling Centre to facilitate the recovery of recyclable waste in the region. Recyclables are sorted at the centre and packaged for transportation. All funds made through the recycling centre go back into the Dowerin local community.

The event recycling trailer is used for a range of events including outdoor, indoor (e.g. performing arts and weddings) and sporting events. The trailer has nine 240 litre green bins with yellow lids. At events, these bins are located next to general waste bins to encourage recycling. At indoor events, a local service club provides the catering service and the team have been educated and well informed about what waste goes in the recycling bins (see photo).

The majority of sporting events in Dowerin involves competing with groups from other regional shires where there are no recycling facilities. This results in a high percentage of contamination in recycling and general waste bins. The contents of the recycling bins are usually sorted within 24 hours of the event.