The planet also feels the impact from resource exploration, development and emissions. Green power solutions for events have become an innovative way to earn sponsorship and reduce costs and footprint while having fun.

Check out these ideas to jump-start your green-powered event plan.

What’s the goal?

Before powering up your green energy plan, consider what your goals are. Possibilities might include:

1. Reduction: in energy use, carbon emissions and cost

2. Efficiency: by preventing wasted energy and cost

3. Innovation: in showcasing unique energy solutions that can enhance the event experience and leave a legacy

4. Engagement: of attendees in adopting green energy choices

5. Accountability: for those energy-related impacts we can’t avoid through offsetting

Honing in on what you most want to achieve will ensure you get the green power results you’re looking for. Most importantly, it will help target the kind of experience that is appropriate for attendees, whether that is a “we take care of it” back of house approach, or a public-facing green power program.

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