Woodford Folk Festival in Queensland Australia is held on land owned by the Queensland Folk Federation, who also run the event. It has continuing sustainable development of the land as an underlying feature of the event and site operations and compositing its biodegradable waste is part of this.

Organic waste is collected from the Festival Village and camping areas in 120 litre bins and transported to the onsite processing location. An effort is made to manually remove non-organic contaminants from the collected waste. The level of this contamination is the weakest point in the process.

The site that the composting takes place on is graded hardstand, and has its own leachate dam. This is where rainwater run-off goes. The dam is mechanically drained to onsite ‘black water’.

The raw festival waste is blended with a carbon rich waste stream and placed in a windrow on the hardstand. The windrow dimensions are governed by the composition of the two waste streams.

Post festival the heap is covered with waste hessian to deter animal interference and aid moisture retention. The heap is left to the elements and natural life forms to break it down to compost that will be less than 10% the volume of the original material.

After stick picking the remnants of biodegradable cutlery and shredding them for mulch or discarding them, this product is used on the festival grounds and some used to activate the fresh waste collected at the next Festival.