Milkcrate Events is an emerging event décor company based in Sydney, Australia. It’s business model aims to actively changing attitude’s towards waste by reusing it to make events beautiful.

Milkcrate source waste and sustainably-produced materials to create unique event décor, including milk bottle festoon lighting and sculptures, bean bag seating and colorful bunting to add atmosphere to events.

Their lighting installations use energy efficient LED technology. Milkcrate Events can also provide the production of energy for the event, through pedal or solar power.

An ecological message is at the forefront of Milkcrate Events’s presence at their events and through demonstrating the beautiful potential of waste material, Milkcrate hope to inspire others to experiment with sustainable design.

Milkcrate also hosts up-cycling and rubbish décor workshops at events to help audiences realise the potential repurposing of waste material.

After all, sustainability requires a flip in the current consciousness from viewing resources as waste to seeing the next incantation of their life cycle.

2.6 Milkcrate photo by Sharky2 copy