Magnificent Revolution (Mag Rev) has pedal power headquarters in London and Melbourne, with an ever-expanding network of side projects across Europe and Australia. Started in 2007 in Cambridge, UK, by a group of enthusiastic cyclists with an idea to create a drive-in cinema with bikes instead of cars.

Magnificent Revolution pulls on the collective skills of educators, artists, event organisers, and engineers, and in 2011, a partner project started on the other side of the globe in Australia. Magnificent Revolution also run pedal power stages, educational workshops, art installations, and pedal powered smoothie stalls.

With their strong emphasis on education through experience, Magnificent Revolution demonstrates that energy innovation can be better understood and accepted through creativity. By encouraging audiences to become an integral part of the performance, Magnificent Revolution presents pedal power as an interactive and tangible experience of sustainability for audiences young and old.

Participants can feel directly the energy being consumed by the show, and need to work together to share the load. Mag Rev’s event’s production equipment is designed to be extremely energy efficiency, in order for the cyclists to directly power the show, often without the use of batteries. Generally, each cyclist produces 50 to 100 watts of energy, so an 8-bike system has about 400 watts continuous power with an 800 watt peak. This shows that even on an energy diet, we can still have a good time! The flow-on effects of pedal power are an event manager’s delight, providing much more that just green energy, but also having the potential to impact on transport, education and other sustainability indicators.

Magnificent Revolution have designed their pedal power systems to fit almost any road bike, which provides encouragement for the audience to cycle to the event and hook up their own bike to power the show. When was the last time you went to the cinema and everyone clapped at the end?  At the Cycle In Cinema, this is a regular occurrence, with everyone congratulating each other on a job will done. |