Events bring people together and create awesome opportunities for collaboration and innovation - including advocating for a low-carbon society.All events can play their part.Together we can direct action and make a massive impact to collectively reduce our industry's greenhouse gas emissions

Event owners, event managers, venues, sponsors, event industry associations, vendors, infrastructure and materials suppliers, along with workforce and participants, all have a part to play in reducing event-related GHG emissions. Together let's make a massive difference.


  • Stop using fossil fuels in your power generators.
  • Use biodiesel instead!
  • Use energy efficient equipment.
  • Run your equipment efficiently.
  • Plan and run your generators for efficiency.
  • Limit air travel.
  • If you have delegates flying in, then get them to offset their flights. We love
  • Buy stuff with low carbon footprints.
  • That means thing with low energy intensity.
  • Source as locally as possible.

Join us and make a big old hand-on-heart commitment to do all you can to run low-carbon events.

Commit to being a low carbon event NOW

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