loveyourtentLove Your Tent is a campaign in response to the vast amount of tents and rubbish left behind by people after attending events, and it was inspired by Eco Action Partnership's work as Sustainability Consultants to the Isle of Wight Music Festival.

The aim: Is to make the process of getting up and leaving everything behind you after an event has finished, in order for somebody else to have clear it all up, completely socially unacceptable. This campaign is about behaviour change and we want to encourage people to have more respect, both for their environment and definitely for themselves.

So, what's the problem? We work on a conservative estimate of 1 to 2 in every 6 tents being left behind, depending on the size of event, the audience demographic, and the all-important weather conditions. Add into this all of the other waste such as chairs, sleeping bags, marquees, pillows, cookers etc, and it means that there is a significant tonnage that is just simply collected and sent to landfill.  We acknowledge the great work that individual event producers are doing to salvage as much as possible from abandoned campsites. But there is only so much demand for second-hand camping equipment, and the salvage programs don’t do much to change attitudes to trashing tents.

The Campaign: Our hope is that at every camping event people attend they will see the same actions, the same logo, the same coordinated support and the same message. We’ve made a short film and gathering support from festivals, social media sites, press and campers. We’re setting up an industry recognised standard, with both UK and EU government recognition, helping to guide and drive events towards a more sustainable and waste aware strategy. This takes the form of a checklist to help and advise events on best practice, and different grades will be awarded relative to size of event, green credentials and ability and commitment.

We are spreading this one simple message to every festival and to everyone - Love Your Tent and take it home.

The Benefits: It doesn't make financial sense to organisers, having to pay to clean up camping waste, and landfill charges. Surely it can't make much sense to the punters either, buying a new tent and all the associated equipment every time they go to another festival. And it makes no sense to the environment. We hope to show people, organisers and campers, how much waste there is - how much it costs them each year - what happens to this waste. To show them there is an alternative to the present situation - organisers save money - punters save money - less waste - less landfill - less damage to the environment - less resources being used up.