The king of the festival compost toilet, Hamish Skermer, will speak at TEDxSydney this Thursday 21 May at 2.58pm AEST.

In his first visit to the Sydney Opera House, Hamish will take to the stage in the Concert Hall and talk shit for 18 mins straight.

He'll share his journey, his many festival loo escapades and his vision for sustainable, dignified and resource giving sanitation.

An environmental chemist, Hamish designed the compost toilet 15 years ago at a festival he and a friend put on at his family property in rural VIC, Australia - Folk Rhythm and Life.

What began as a passion for minimal impact toilet solutions and creating a valuable resource from a 'waste' product - has launched an international ablution revolution!

He perfected his design at his own festival and then has taken it, via signature Australian music festivals such as Falls and Meredith, all the way to the mother of all music festivals, Glastonbury.

From placing just 5 toilets 'back of house' in 2008, his system has proven itself and this year he has a record 1111 composting toilets all through Glastonbury Festival.

He's now turning his sights to emergency response and humanitarian causes, as his festival loos are a perfect solution for large, temporary or semi-permanent camps.

Festival producers and festivals goers that have forgone the dreaded portaloo in favour of his compost loo should tune in and hear the shit Hamish has to say. If you've not yet looked at booking or using a compost loo at a festival, tune in to see what all the fuss is about.