ISO 20121 Procedure and Documentation Downloads

To assist with the creation of your management system and the various procedure and documentation paperwork required, we've created some templates for you to follow. We will be continuing to build this inventory so please visit back to this page often!

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ISO 20121 FREE Guidebuynow-e1382835487584

We have developed a free short guide to new international standard in events sustainability ISO 20121. It offers a plain-language interpretation of the steps involved in implementing ISO 20121 and helps you to understand how this new international standard can be included in your event planning and delivery. Free

ISO 20121 Required Documentation

ISO 20121 Documentation Requirements

Documentation is a major part of implementing a management system. This is one of the main tools to ensure that awareness exists amongst your team and stakeholders and also that an ‘instruction manual’ is written to direct your team on how to approach sustainable event management. To help you navigate your way through the documentation requirements in the standard, we have created a table of the aspects of the management system you should develop. $2.99


Event Sustainability Management Policy

buynow-e1382835487584To meet the requirements of ISO 20121 top management establish and document a policy. The policy must be appropriate to the purpose of the organization, provide a framework for setting objectives, and include continual improvement. The template takes the heavy lifting off this document’s creation, offering you a structure and considerations for inclusion. AU$50

4.2 Interested Parties copyInterested Parties Procedurebuynow-e1382835487584

To meet the requirements of ISO 20121 you must have a procedure for identifying and engaging those who have an interest in your event sustainability management system and to include their needs and expectations into planning and delivery. This procedure template offers guidance on how to identify and engage stakeholders, and offers you a template to follow in preparing your own procedure document. File is available in PDF and Word formats. ADDITIONAL FILE: Also included is a PDF form you can use to log the relevance of various stakeholders to your identified sustainability issues. AU$20

6.1.2-Issues-Identification copybuynow-e1382835487584Issues Identification and Evaluation Procedure

To meet the requirements of ISO 20121 you must have a procedure to identify sustainable development (sustainability) issues and to evaluate their significance associated with your event-related activities. Use the template text in this document to create an Issues Identification and Evaluation procedure. The file is provided as a PDF and as and editable Word doc. AU$20  

5.3 Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities copybuynow-e1382835487584Log: organizational roles and responsibilities

To meet the requirements of ISO 20121, top management of your organization must assign and communicate the responsibilities and authorities for relevant roles regarding sustainability management. Use the template table in the download to create your organization’s delegation of duties and responsibilities. The document is provided in Word to allow you to easily edit it and add some of your own duties. AU$20

Legal and other requirements procedure copybuynow-e1382835487584Legal and Other Requirements Procedure

To meet the requirements of ISO 20121 you must establish, implement, maintain and revise periodically a procedure to identify, and have access to, current and emerging legal and other requirements, to which your organization subscribes. Use this template to create a procedure which identifies those regulations, requirements or standards, and which discusses the way that compliance could be attained, who is responsible for planning for compliance and for assessing and reporting your compliance. AU$20

 Legal and other requirements procedure copybuynow-e1382835487584Nonconformity and Corrective Action Procedure

To meet the requirements of ISO 20121 you are recommended you have a procedure that outlines the authority, schedule and process for identifying and correcting nonconformity to the standard. This includes the documentation required, the implementation of procedures and processes, and awareness of requirements. AU$9.95

Green office checklistbuynow-e1382835487584Green Office Procedure and Checklist

Setting the scene for your intent to produce your events sustainably is the running of your year-round or production-specific office. The following can be used as a checklist and guidance to ensure your office is running in a way that upholds your sustainable development principles and sustainability policy commitments. The procedure is provided as a word doc or PDF. The checklist is provided as a Word doc so you can edit it, and as a ready-to-go check box PDF. You can do text editing and insert your logo to the PDF. AU$20


Sustainable Supply Chain Processbuynow-e1382835487584

Purchase decisions are made every day in the pre-production phase and the right choices need to be made to reduce the impacts of procurement and consequentially of you event. Sustainable procurement should consider the environmental, social and economic issues and impacts of the goods and services used by your event. This download offers guidance on the requirements in ISO 20212 for supply chain management and a process to follow to implement a Sustainable Supply Chain Management Process. AU$20  

Event Waste Checklistbuynow-e1382835487584

How you manage this waste, and influencing whether it’s produced in the first place, will have an effect on the overall sustainability of your event. Reducing waste volume, optimizing onsite waste segregation, achieving participation in waste initiatives by attendees, and maximizing diversion of waste from landfill or incineration should be your goals. The checklist includes considerations, self-checks and action items. Consider each point and check off those you have, or will, include in your event waste plans. AU$4.95  

ghgscopecover Event GHG Inventory Evaluationbuynow-e1382835487584

This  guidance and checklist can be used to review your event’s potential GHGs and determine whether they should be measured or not. The potential GHGs are categorised on the following pages by Scope 1 (direct), Scope 2 (indirect) and Scope 3 (other indirect) emissions. Tick Yes or No for each question, and include a short sentence to justify your inclusion or exclusion of the GHG source in question. AU$9.95  

Energy GHG planning_checklist

 Event Energy Checklistbuynow-e1382835487584

To reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions your event produces, follow these steps and track through the checklist in this download. Consider the energy and GHG impacts of your venue choice, of your lighting and effects design, and your planned production logistics. How do the creative aspects of your event impact the amount of energy needed? Consider including topics such as energy efficiency and renewable energy into your event. Shine a light on the issues surrounding climate change. Engage attendees with the issues. FREE