Having implemented ISO 20121 a few times now, and trained and consulted to lots of individuals and events considering implementing a sustainability management system, one of the biggest hurdles for many is the seemingly daunting paperwork side of things.

Not only are there lots of procedural requirements that pesky auditors will bother busy event managers for, but you also need to collect your evidence often in paperwork 'proof' format.

So I decided to go ahead and pull together a series of templates that might make starting the management system formalities a little bit easier.

Go ahead and have a look at the page linked, where there's all sorts of forms and documents for you. There's more in the pipeline too. If you're after something specific that's not there, then please feel free to contact me and I can fast track it's creation.

I'm charging a modest fee for the templates, as I'm trying to make a living and don't have the benefit of a generous benefactor or any Scandinavian government funding. So if you think you'll need such a thing, and you want to stop staring at a blank screen wondering what on earth would be in, for example a 'Procedure for Identifying and Evaluating Issues', visit the page, shop for the document of your choice and give my back a little pat for my hard work on your behalf in the form of a $20 fee!

If you're actually wondering  what on earth you're meant to get together in terms of paperwork, then you can download the free  aptly named document 'ISO 20121 Documentation Requirements'.


Note: I'm producing these template for stressed out but well intention-ed event producers, and not for copy cat consultants. If you're on the market selling yourself as someone who can help events implement ISO 20121, I'd prefer if you don't rip off my templates!


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