Venue Checklist

When assessing a venue’s sustainability credentials, you can ask a series of questions or take a checklist approach. Both examples are provided below.

Use the following questions to assess a venue’s sustainability credentials.

Commitment to and Communicate Sustainability:

  • Do you have a greening committee or staff member with coordinating responsibility for overseeing sustainability efforts at the venue?
  • Do you communicate to staff, the venue’s sustainability goals and initiatives?
  • Does the venue have a sustainability policy and strategy in place?
  • Has the venue successfully achieved any environmental or sustainability accreditation?


  • Do you have a sustainable procurement policy for goods and services?

Building Energy Management:

  • What does the venue do to reduce energy use?
  • Is the venue on a green electricity tariff?
  • Do you monitor and report your building’s energy use?

Waste Management:

  • What activities does the venue undertake to prevent waste being created?
  • Which materials are sent for recycling?
  • Is biodegradable waste collected separately and sent for composting/anaerobic digestion?
  • Are waste volumes monitored?
  • What are average rates of recycling, composting or diversion from landfill?
  • Have you calculated an average weight of waste per audience member and if so, what is it?

Water Management:

  • What does the venue do to reduce water use?
  • Do you measure your venue’s water use?
  • What is the average volume of water per person for the venue?

Audience Travel:

  • Is the venue easily accessible by public transport?
  • Is the use of public transport or carpooling promoted?
  • Is cycling encouraged and is safe bike parking available at or close-by the venue?
  • Do you track, monitor, measure and report audience transport impacts?

GHG Emissions

  • Does the venue measure its greenhouse gas emissions?
  • If so, what is included in the scope of measurement?
  • Do you publically report/disclose the venue’s carbon emissions?

Carbon Offsets

  • Does the venue support any ‘carbon offset’ schemes to compensate for the emissions produced at the venue?

Checklist Approach

Create a checklist to include the following aspects:

Building & Certification
  Has ‘Green Building’ or sustainable building rating
  Has been retrofitted to ensure resource efficiencies
  Has achieved independent certification for efficient building operations and sustainable operating practices
  Has ISO 14001 or ISO 20121 conformity

Policy, Planning, Staff Engagement
  Venue has a sustainability management policy
  Venue has a ‘greening committee’, dedicated sustainability staff member or programme
  Venue has a training programme to educate venue staff about sustainable operations
  Venue staff induct venue hirers into sustainability initiatives
  Venue discloses its sustainability performance

  Located close to public transport hubs.
  Accessible by foot and bicycle, with bicycle parking onsite
  Venue is located close to hotels where delegates will be staying
  Hotels located close to event venue

  Uses environmentally sound cleaning supplies
  Uses ‘green’ cleaning techniques
  Uses washable/reusable cups, crockery and cutlery
  Sustainable catering policy is in place (see Catering Checklist in Procurement and Resource Use chapter for more details)

  Has water conservation initiatives in place
  Captures rainwater for reuse onsite
  Has grey water capture and recycling in place
  Water-wise grounds maintenance is used

  Is on a renewable energy supply
  Is willing to switch to renewable energy supply
  Has its own sustainable micro-generation such as solar or wind?
  Has energy saving operations in place
  Venue rooms have access to natural light
  Venue rooms have windows that can be opened for ventilation
  Lighting can be controlled within the venue room, with various modes available
  Room heating and cooling can be controlled in the room
  Venue sound and lighting equipment used is energy efficient
  Venue is able to report energy use to the hirer

  Paper, cardboard, plastics, metals and glass are recycled
  Salvage bays are available for donation of materials for repurposing
  Compostable waste is collected separating for composting
  Food donation systems are in place
  E-waste, hazardous waste and waste oil collection are in place
  Caterers use re-usable produce delivery boxes
  Venue is able to report waste performance to the hirer

Guest Rooms
  Have access to natural light
  Windows can be opened for ventilation
  Venue has energy saving operations in place
  Heating and cooling can be controlled
  In-room waste segregation
  Water conservation messaging including short showers, towel and linen replacement
  Have in-room communications on sustainability initiatives
 Smoking is not allowed indoors or covered areas or within 20 metres of doorways