Reviews – 1st Edition

'The most authoritative, meticulous and informed book on sustainability in the events sector. Meegan Jones has more experience in this field than perhaps anyone else in the world and this is evidenced on every page. Thoughtfully and logically laid out this is an indispensable guide to reducing environmental impacts and positioning festivals as trail blazers in sustainable living.' Alison Tickell, Director, Julie's Bicycle 

'This truly practical guide offers easy to understand education and achievable initiatives to any industry practitioner looking for solutions where little has been previously documented or available.' Jane Fullerton-Smith, Director, Sustainable Event Solutions

'A well researched and neatly designed guide … Bringing these concerns into one practical guide is a natural development of this trend to become more sustainable in business while being environmentally responsible and sustainable, and here, Megan Jones has done great work … the standard set here is the highest I've seen in print.'  David Joblin, Independent Journalist,

'I had already been committed to bringing about a change in the perception of festival-goers towards their impact upon the environment, but Meegan successfully made that change happen…this book explains in a wonderful explanatory manner how every event can move towards our common goal -- sustainability!' Melvin Benn, Director, Festival Republic

'Sustainable Event Managament is a 'must' acquisition for any professional business or general library strong in events planning. It covers all the basics of how to hold a 'sustainable' event, whether it be a festival or gathering, and offers event planners and students a step-by-step guide to staging and managing the impacts of all kinds of events. From transport to water safety issues, this covers it all!' Midwest Book Review, The Bookwatch, July 2010.

'Sustainable Event Management…is a well researched and neatly designed guide to making your festival or large event the most environmentally friendly, leaving the least possible carbon footprint; making it a very timely book that will go a long way assisting those who are seeking to manage events, work in Community Development and apply necesarily thoughtful values and procedures in the process' David Jobling, Pop

'I fully support this text and recommend it for purchase. I would rate this text as the best I have read on this topic to date and comment it to organisers, academics and regulators alike.' Dr Andrew Mathieson, Reviews - A Guide to Publications in the Physical Sciences

'this gem of a book… reveals its true brilliance after a close examination of each chapter's take on a facet of environmental sustainability.' Qualityworld Magazine

'This is an indispensible guide for organisers that want to deliver events sustainably.' Connections: the Newsletter for ICLEI European members

'Finally, a book that gathers all the knowledge about running a sustainable event and presents it in one easy to understand, well thought out format. Possibly one of the most important books written on event management this decade, and a must have for organisers of events everywhere.' Matt Grant, Festival & Creative Director, Peats Ridge, Australia