Green Footsteps is Roskilde Festival’s environmental campaign that gives festival-goers the opportunity to choose a more eco-friendly life and festival style. The campaign encourages festival guests to act with consideration for the environment by taking Green Footsteps before, during and after the festival. The overall idea is that individual actions have great significance when taking care of the environment.

The festival itself takes many green footsteps to take the event towards sustainability. This includes waste management, recycling and composting, container deposits for beer cups and energy management to source renewable energy options. And to encourage a greener footprint by their audience, the Green Footsteps programme has been implemented. It neatly communicates how the audience can be involved and Green Footsteps are found all over the festival site in which the audience can participate.

In the initial years of the campaign Green Camps were set up for campers who had taken their own Green Footsteps (eg taking public transport to the event) and allowed them to register to have a spot in these renewable energy powered clean and green campsites. Now the programme has morphed and six Green Camps have been integrated throughout the entire campsite. Festival goers were invited to host a green camp – and invited to put in an application which explains how they will:

  • Minimise the waste
  • Have some fun green activities each day that involve and inspire other festival guests
  • Have some kind of original or unusual theme and a catchy slogan that reflects ‘Green Footsteps' green feet. Everyone should be able to see immediately that it is a Green Camp
  • The green activities during the festival must be documented through photographs and video. The goal is to create a video that can inspire future festival guests to a green camp life.
  • You must have fun in a true Roskilde Festival style!

Festival-goers were then able to choose to camp inside these Green Camps and participate in the green fun the camp hosts had created.

At Roskilde Festival the guests can also participate in refund collection competitions where they get cold beer in return, they can donate tents and sleeping bags to charity, and they are introduced to an extensive sale of organic and fair trade goods as well as a refund arrangement that makes sure that about 97% of all sold plastic cups are recycled.  They honour the national container refunds for all bottles and cans even if the beverages were brought in from outside.