Firefly Solar has been on the leading edge of innovate energy solutions for events in the UK for a number of years. Initially just providing mobile solar power, their portfolio of solutions has expanded to include an entire playground on energy-creating entertainment.

Their experiential people-powered playground hits the mark in many ways; providing energy for the event replacing fossil fuels and creating no GHGs; entertaining event attendees; demonstrating energy innovation; and educating attendees about renewable energy options. Unlocking the big kids within event attendees, their Kinetrics YouPower Playground harnesses the power of play while generating a useful supply of 12V electricity.

  • TeedleGen: Based on the humble see-saw.
  • HamGen: Formerly only available to our furry little friends, HamGen is an up-scaled, human-sized
    hamster wheel that allows the user to turn their footsteps into usable electrical power.
  • WhirlyGen: Everyone loves the dizzying joy of a roundabout and the wonderful WhirlyGen is the
    roundabout generator that is certain to get event or experience guests in a right old spin.