Now event organisers have been told one way to cut their fuel use is to choose energy efficient towers for their rock gigs and festivals.

Anyone who’s picked their way through a field full of tents after a music festival knows how tricky campsites can be in the dark.

But temporary lighting at festivals can be wasteful, powered by inefficient diesel or petrol generators.

The European Festivals Association has in the past issued a guide about going green and festivals like Shambala Music Festival in Northamptonshire have led the way with recycling.

Ross Dryden, Ecolite Product Manager at Youngman Group said: “As round the clock festivals start across the UK, now is the time to be factoring in the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable lighting towers for events that may be limited by daylight hours.”

He claimed some energy saving lights can dramatically cut running costs and carbon footprint by up to 80% compared to standard lighting towers.

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