Electric Picnic wanted to have a people powered dance tent, and in 2012 they got their wish.

Electric Ireland was the official energy partner of the Festival 2012. They set up ‘Dancergy’ which included sixty four Sustainable Dance Floor modules.

To get most energy out of the huge dance floor, Mr. Motivator was hired to heat up the crowd with a grooving fitness programme. Daily retro dancing sessions for the festival goers contributed to the Electric Picnic energy requirements of the festival.

Romande Energie, a Swiss power supplier, wanted to realize a festival booth on The Paléo Festival in Nyon, Switzerland.

Family Déco, together with the communication agency Parenthèse came up with a game-concept about generating as much energy possible by dancing within 2.30 minutes in a customised MiniClub along with image uploads online. Entering the tent, the visitors found a number of headphones, each playing a different song, and off they went dancing! The DJ booth was in front of a large screen with a digital energy meter.