During November/December 2016 I'm travelling to Palau Kenewa which is an uninhabited and undeveloped coral fringed island in Indonesia, just off the coast of Sumbawa.

Sumbawa is the island to the East of Lombok, which is one island over from Bali. Sumbawa (and Lombok for that matter) are nowhere near as developed from a tourism perspective as Bali is.

As 60 people will live on the island for one month in a temporary setting, many elements are similar to event production - temporary infrastructure, sanitation, water and power provision need to be brought in, waste systems, not polluting the natural environment etc. Meegan will track the progress of the group's impacts (or lack of) on the island. Keep an eye on her Facebook page for updates in real time.

Amazingly there is 3G on the island as it's between two major islands. She's taking portable solar kit. Take a look at what she's put together to make her impact as light as possible. See her kit below!

The project is by Earthship Biotecture and a group of 30 volunteers, plus Earthship crew lead by Michael Reynolds, and local people, will create an Earthship on the island. This is the 'landing project' and the video above describes what the final vision is for the island - to demonstrate how people can live in harmony rather than damage the natural environment.

Taking an island which currently has human visitation, but as yet no permanent development, and showcasing it as a model example of closed loop, trash using, zero carbon living is an exciting project to undertake.

You can buy a book or film about the terrific journey Michael Reynolds has been on in creating and having his building innovation 'allowed' to be built in cities where building codes are less than generous.

I first heard about Earthships when I watch the film (Garbage Warrior) on the flight I took to go and work in the UK for the first time with Festival Republic as Sustainability Manager for Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds and Latitude Festivals. I actually signed up to do their 6 week building course, but ended up cancelling as KoHub came up! I am so thrilled to be able to combine my passion for sustainable development, sustainable tourism, practical sustainable solutions, demonstrating sustainability-in-action, compost loos, camping, and snorkelling over pristine coral reefs. Bliss!

We'll be creating soil from human waste so that ticks my boxes with other hat on as a production manager for Natural Event!

Watch this space as I blog more on the experience as it unfolds. Crazily there is terrific 3G on the island, and with my awesome solar kit from Goal Zero, I'll be able to stay connected. I might even to a Facebook Live!

More about Earthships and Michael Reynold's journey:

Earthship: How to Build Your Own
Earthship: Systems and Components
Earthship: Evolution Beyond Economics
Garbage Warrior [DVD]

Earthship Island Indonesia - Essential Kit

Because this is a pristine natural environment, we are being very very careful with what we bring to the island and especially the products we use, to ensure no chemicals. I have put together my Earthship Island Essential kit below to let you know what I've put together for this trip.




Oztrail Breezeway 3V


I've decided to go one step up from a backpacker's tent. A couple of kg's heavier but more elbow room. This is a hot weather tent allowing maximum breeze and in. It's readily available in Australia and on Amazon in the UK. Not available in the USA but there are plenty of alternatives there.


Trekmates Tour Mosquito Net


I'm going to pop this inside the tent so I don't have to worry about keeping the tent shut tight at all times.



Therm-a-rest NeoAir Trekker Air Mattress


I decided to considerable indulge here. I need something good to sleep on. I went with the torso version, which is wider than the normal, but quite a bit shorter - fits me perfectly! Ultra ultra light coming in at just over 400gm and a super small package.


Tarp for shade and water catching


There aren't many trees on the island and we also need to catch water, so we will all be constructing shade and water catching. I decided to not go with the usual blue tarp, but rather this little beauty.


Power and Tech

Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Panel - Black


This panel, if in full sun, can charge phones directly with no need for an inverter or battery bank. It's designed to be used with the Goal Zero Yeti 150 power.

Goal Zero 8mm Input 4x Combiner As several of us are bringing the Nomad 20 panels, and only one bringing the (5kg!) Yeti 150 battery/generator, we are using this combiner to channel up to four panels into it. This is more efficient than chaining them along.

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Universal Power Pack, 230 V - Silver/Black


Another person is bringing this and we can chain up to four Nomad 20 panels.

Canon PowerShot G12

I've had this camera for a few years now, it's fantastic teamed with an underwater housing.


12V Macbook Air Charger


I've gone with a 12 volt charger because it will be really useful when I'm travelling in cars in the future, but it also gives me the option to plug directly into DC outlets on solar set ups.

Waterproof Underwater Housing Case

This is the underwater housing I use to go with my Canon Powershot G12.

Swimming and Coral Exploration

Hollis M-1 Frameless Technical Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Mask

My favourite mask for diving. I like the types of masks that have one big piece of glass. I also prefer a black rim.

Reef Safe Biodegradable Waterproof SPF 45+ Sunscreen Lotion


Sun screen is a must for those bits not already covered. But on a small tropical island you must protect the coral.


100% Cotton Turkish Towel


Door mat, towel, sun shield, sarong. I love my cotton towel. Mine is actually from India but this is a very close version.

Washing and Hygiene


Wilderness Wash


This stuff you can use to wash in salt or fresh water. Is safe for the marine environment. Highly concentrated so great for travelling.


Biodegradable Travel Soap


It's going to do the hair and the body. I wonder what I'll look like in a month using mainly sea water!?


Compostable Wet Wipes

In the case of not much fresh water for washing, compostable wipes are the way to go. Most wipes are not compostable!


Water and Health


Steripen - water purifier


I’ve travelled with a Steripen for more than 10 years now. I’ve just purchased my second one. There are fancier ones that are smaller and charge by usb, but I like this one because it has the rubber neck which fits perfectly in a normal plastic bottle which means you can walk around with the bottle upside down, one handed and get on with other stuff while it’s doing its thing.


Water Purifier


I'm going to test this water filter out this time around. I've always relied on my Steripen, but with a power diet, I've decided not to rely on my battery powered Steripen.