This panel, if in full sun, can charge phones directly with no need for an inverter or battery bank. It's designed to be used with the Goal Zero Yeti 150 power.

Another person is bringing this and we can chain up to four Nomad 20 panels.

In case there's no sun (!) I can use the dynamo on this puppy for light and my phone (to listen to audio books or read kindle).

I've decided to go one step up from a backpacker's tent. A couple of kg's heavier but more elbow room. This is a hot weather tent allowing maximum breeze and in.

I've had this camera for a few years now, it's fantastic teamed with an underwater housing.

This is the underwater housing I use to go with my Canon Powershot G12.
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My favourite mask for diving. I like the types of masks that have one big piece of glass. I also prefer a black rim.

I've not used this LifeStraw before, but I love the idea of it, so let's see!

I've travelled with a Steripen for more than 10 years now. I've just purchased my second one. There are fancier ones that are smaller and charge by usb, but I like this one because it has the rubber neck which fits perfectly in a normal plastic bottle which means you can walk around with the bottle upside down, one handed and get on with other stuff while it's doing its thing.

I'm going to test this one out this time around. I've always relied on my Steripen, but with a power diet, I've decided not to rely on my batter powered Steripen.

Door mat, towel, sun shield, sarong. I love my cotton towel. Mine is actually from India but this is a very close version.

Sun screen is a must for those bits not already covered. But on a small tropical island you must protect the coral.

This stuff you can use to wash in salt or fresh water. Is safe for the marine environment. Highly concentrated so great for travelling.
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It's going to do the hair and the body. I wonder what I'll look like in a month?

We have very little fresh water, so this is going to be an essential.

And if my water purifying and hand sanitising don't work, we always have this.

Of course this is needed to keep away the bugs.

I'll also be putting a mosquito net inside the tent in case I want to throw back all the sides of the tent.

We are having communal cooking, but if I had to provide my own cooking kit, this is what I would bring! Uses the thermal properties from cooking to covert to energy to charge your phone. Nice.