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To meet the requirements of ISO 20121 you must have a procedure for identifying and engaging those who have an interest in your event sustainability management system and to include their needs and expectations into planning and delivery.

This procedure template offers guidance on how to identify and engage stakeholders, and offers you a template to follow in preparing your own procedure document. File is available in PDF and Word formats. You can do text editing and insert your logo to the PDF if you have Adobe Professional.


Also included is a PDF form you can use to log the relevance of various stakeholders to your identified sustainability issues. In the absence of another way to log this information using your organization's existing information system or other available tools, using this form will fulfil the requirements of the standard.


Template Usage Permissions

This procedure template has been produced by Meegan Jones of GreenShoot Pacific, and Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide. It is for use by the purchaser only. Please respect my work by not re-distributing it free of charge. If making your final document publicly available, please include a copyright notice for your organisation on the bottom of your document, to prevent duplication by your competitors.

Template Usage Permissions by Consultants

If you are a sustainability consultant using my templates rather than producing your own, please re-purchase the templates for each of your clients… or produce your own work please!


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