To meet the requirements of ISO 20121 top management establish and document a policy. The policy must be appropriate to the purpose of the organization, provide a framework for setting objectives, and include continual improvement.

Whether the event is the organization’s primary activity or whether event production is a minor aspect of an organization’s activities, having an Event Sustainability Management Policy will mean that event activities are directed by strategic thinking moving it towards improved sustainability performance.

We have created a template for you to create your own Sustainability Policy from. We have called it an Event Sustainability Management Policy, in that it is a policy that describes your commitments to how you will manage event sustainability issues and impacts. You may also call it a Sustainability Policy or a Sustainable Development Policy.

The template takes the heavy lifting off this document's creation, offering you a structure and considerations for inclusion. You may choose to delete some aspects and add others. We definitely want you to put your own style into the policy and we don't want to see a host of events coming out with the same policy! So get creative, and get specific so that the final policy really matches your event or organization.


Template Usage Permissions

This policy template has been produced by Meegan Jones of GreenShoot Pacific, and Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide. It is for use by the purchaser only. Please respect my work by not re-distributing it free of charge. If making your final document publicly available, please include a copyright notice for your organisation on the bottom of your document, to prevent duplication by your competitors.

Template Usage Permissions by Consultants

If you are a sustainability consultant using my templates rather than producing your own, please re-purchase the templates for each of your clients… or produce your own work please!


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