Zimride is a carpooling website used by Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza festivals in the USA. It uses Facebook integration so that you're able to check out potential driving mates before the trip and all payments are made through PayPal. They have an iPhone app that operates in real time called ‘Lyft’. The app works on 'donation' basis and each driver & passenger is given a rating at the end of the journey. To use the app you need to have an active Facebook account. Zimride also services university and corporate networks and has a massive database of participants. In 2012, Bonnaroo Festival in Tenessee, USA had 650 lifts shared through Zimride. More than 1.1 million pounds of CO2 was estimated to be saved, and 3 500 cars staying off the road during the event. www.zimride.com

goCarShare is primarily UK based and also Facebook integrated, where you log into Facebook and research your potential driver/passengers. They have a phone app that has options for travelling to a 'festival' or 'back home'. When you choose ‘festival’ it then gives you a list of options eg Bestival, Glastonbury, Reading etc. You click on the desired festival and it will take you into a list of drivers who have seats available and the dates they are travelling and from where. goCarShare operates on a cash payment basis. gocarshare.com

BlaBlaCar is the largest carpooling website in Europe with over 2.9 million members and more than 500 000 rides shared each month, and is supported by a smart phone app. It is the carpooling programme of choice by music festival Benicàssim. While BlaBlaCar offers access to other members through Facebook it is not the only method of contact. Users set up profiles with their real identities (which get verified), and can attribute likes and dislikes and publicly rate their experiences, which everyone can then view. BlaBlaCar operate on a cash-only basis with the fare being agreed to before the journey between driver and passenger. They have a specific 'ladies only' carpool option. www.blablacar.com

Kangaride is a Canadian carpooling website which operates on an annual fee basis ($7.50 Canadian dollars) and a $5.00 credit fee when you book a ride plus the additional ride fare. You can only use this website if you are a member. Each driver has their drivers license confirmed through Ministry of Transportation, Ontario, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and the Societe d'assurance atomobile du Quebec, and is verified yearly.  It provides drivers statistics to passengers (ie number of years driving and the number of car share rides that they have done).  There is a specific page for up and coming events. www.kangaride.com

Jayride is an Australian carpooling website that is the website of choice for Splendour in the Grass. It is completely free to use, but the price can be set by the driver, with an option of a 'free ride' if the passenger shares the driving. It is also used by ACU, University of Wollongong, and Macquarie University. www.jayride.com.au

PickupPal is mainly USA based, and integrates with the most popular social networking tools, making it easy for people to share rides with others who have similar interests or with whom they are already connected via colleagues or friends. PickupPal is a free service and is easily customizable for any event. The service is used by USA Triathlon, ReverbRock, Live Nation and AEG Live. www.pickuppal.com

Liftshare is mainly UK based but has international application if people from other countries wish to use it. It is integrated with Facebook allowing you to easily sign in. www.liftshare.com