Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, is a three-day annual music festival held In the USA. Its capacity is 100 000 people, it’s held in an urban area with up to 50 000 cars driving to the event each day. To alleviate traffic congestion and cut down emissions from the transport of their audience, Coachella has created Carpoolchella!

Carpoolchella is a carpooling initiative created by Coachella + Global Inheritance that rewards people for driving to the venue with four or more people in a car. Festival attendees have the opportunity to win a range of prizes by advertising their environmentally conscious decision with a sign on their car that says ‘Carpoolchella’. Attendees often decorate their cars more elaborately to raise the profile of their entry.

Carpoolchella has transformed into an opportunity for carpoolers to boast their individuality, their Coachella spirit, their hometowns, their favourite bands and more. A few times a day, a representative walks around the parking lot and chooses a car at random to reward with special prizes.  Some of these prizes include VIP tickets for life, wristband upgrades, tickets to the next year’s Coachella Festival, as well as merchandise and attraction vouchers. Beyond congestion and emissions reductions, Carpoolchella generates excitement about the festival before people even enter the grounds. |