Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival continues its long-standing commitment to the environment and community it calls home, Coffee Country, through a programme to help low income homes reduce their power consumption and power bills, simultaneously reducing GHGs, in the USA called a ‘weatherization program’ in the USA.

The provides free energy retrofits to 100 low-income residents, including the installation of energy-efficient light bulbs and low flow shower heads and the education of residents about energy conservation. The programme is expected to save participating families an average of 20 percent on their utility bills, and provide long-term verifiable carbon offsets for Bonnaroo. Those will be tracked over a three-year period.

Bonnaroo already invests in verified offset green programmes and initiatives elsewhere, however this project offers a chance to give back to the community in which the event is held, while simultaneously offsetting the event’s GHG.

We Are Neutral, the project partner, recruits and trains local volunteers, identifies low-income housing complexes, provides energy audits for chosen complexes, coordinates residential retrofits, and tracks carbon reductions from retrofits. The offsetting company is also onsite at the festival, operating the Carbon Shredders booth, which works with patrons to reduce their carbon footprints at home.

This project, along with Bonnaroo's other greening initiatives, are a great complement to the festival's commitment to social responsibility. Bonnaroo's charitable arm, the Bonnaroo Works Fund (BWF), was seeded by the festival, and today, $1 out of every ticket sold is diverted to the BWF for programmes invested in the arts, education, and environmental sustainability with special emphasis on local re-investment and asset building in the Bonnaroo communities. Through BWF, Bonnaroo also supports a number of regional and national environmental organisation, such as We Are Neutral, Rock the Earth and A Change of Atmosphere.

The Bonnaroo Works Fund, which began in 2009 with the help of the East Tennessee Foundation, identifies organisations seeking financial assistance and focuses its efforts on distributing funds where they will have the most impact. Over the past 10 years, Bonnaroo, with the help of ticket proceeds, the generosity of fans, and vendors participating in fundraising opportunities, has donated over $5million dollars to local, regional and national charities and organisations.

Over the past ten years, Bonnaroo has donated more than US$5 million to local, regional, and national charitable organisations. |