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Musings, questions, observations and considerations across the landscape of sustainable event management.

Event Carbon Footprint – possible?

The measurement of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by an event is a popular sustainability indicator chosen by event producers. There is no debate to be had that the GHG emissions of an event should be measured. Measuring GHGs is necessary for so many reasons;...

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Food Waste at Events – A Quick Checklist

Food waste is the unfortunate by-product of many events. It occurs through the mishandling of food, through over-supply and under-eating. Food waste at events is waste of resources, of time and effort, and of course, of money. It costs to buy the ingredients, pay the...

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What are your Positive Legacies?

Our role in events as demonstrators of sustainability in action along with the powerful opportunity events have to encourage changing behaviours, can leave marvellous enduring legacies. We have developed the following list of things we think all events should aspire...

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