Taking the initiative to store materials from last year’s event is providing organizations an opportunity to upcycle and resell unique products at their next event.

Billboard Ecology are a company aiming to bring this vision to life by salvaging advertising billboards and creating individually styled tote bags along with other unique products.

The Cherry Creek Arts Festival, one of the USA’s top arts festivals, held every year in Denver, has embraced this initiative. Over the years the event coordinator has collected banners and through Billboard Ecology, they have been repurposed into beach bags, shopping totes, and unique Kindle covers. These were all sold within the festival in the merchandise stands alongside the usual t-shirts, water bottles, posters and other items.

An added advantage of this re-purposing of products is that sponsors of the events get another chance at their logo being displayed on one of these creatively inspired new products.

Other festivals embracing the idea of repurposing their event banners include Belmar Italian Festival and Starz Film Festival who each have created custom tote bags and wine bottle bags given out as gifts at VIP events.