Eco Charge Live is a UK-based event producer that specialise in innovative ways to harness human energy for live shows and event experiences. With the guiding motto that ‘fun is the ultimate way to inspire action,’ Eco Charge Live supply customised kinetic installations that convert audience movement into electricity.

An exciting example is the Kinetic E Dancefloor.  This is a dance floor that harnesses the movement from dancing to charge mobile phones, power lighting installations and provide engaging competitions on who can create the most energy.

At FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium in 2012, Eco Charge Live installed the E Dancefloor for sponsor E.On Energy.  The ‘E.On Energy Fit Fans Stage’ invited football fans to show support for their team by generating as much energy as possible in 60 seconds on the kinetic dance floor. The energy generated by each team was stored in batteries and visually displayed on television screens to encourage competition. Participants were also informed on how much energy they had generated vs how much it takes to boil a kettle as well as other common energy usages, making it an educational exchange as well as entertaining. The team that made the most energy won £10,000 for their local community.

Other kinetic event options from Eco Charge Live include human powered gaming, upcycled art installations and kinetic playground equipment.  By making their installations fun and engaging, Eco Change Live delivers sustainability messaging almost without the audience’s realising it.