Like any management or business plan, when managing the sustainability impacts and opportunities related to your event, you'll need to have a vision and a pathway to action.

The following steps will help you to establish a framework to get you where you want to be.

1. Vision

At the top is envisioning where you want get. Ask yourself “Imagine if at the completion of the event ……” and fill in the blanks. That is your vision. Establish what it is you wish to achieve for your event in terms of its own sustainability performance and its contribution to sustainable development.

2. Mission

Your mission will describe how to get there. Write a description of how you will get to where you want to be.

3. Values

Your values will underscore your behaviour and actions. Set down the sustainable development principles by which your organisation stands.

4. Form a Team

Engage the boss, your co-workers and critical stakeholders, such as venue and suppliers.

5. Identify Issues

Identify the sustainability management issues and opportunities. Evaluate, prioritise and establish management feasibility.

6. Policies

Policies help keep you on track. Formalise a policy which will direct what you will and won’t do. Document and communicate the policy to all relevant stakeholders.

7. Goals, Objectives, Targets

Your goals will set your key themes or aspects of concern for management, and objectives and targets will give you specific things to action. Set and communicate overarching goals and related objectives and measurable targets against specific issues management or anticipated key performance indicators. Establish systems to collect performance data.

8. Create Initiatives and Implement Your Plan

Roll out your plans for managing sustainability related impacts and issues. Document your procedures and processes to ensure seamless planning and management of sustainability aspects at future events.

9. Measure & Report Performance

Monitor, measure and report on your performance, including celebrating success with all that played a part, or who may care about your performance

10. Celebrate Success and Look to the Future

Share your successes with your team, your attendees, supply chain, the venue and the event industry at large. Remember to document all that you did and how you do it, for implementation at your future events.